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Oh and most of the photo(unless noted)are not by me! Tired of typing NOT BY ME.


Please, just take a second to pray for South Korea.

Do also please pray for the above three amazing people.

I still believe in miracles, so please.

Spot him painting next to the Pawn shop in Wan Chai. I think his mountain paintings are better than the plums.
His name is 曹友全 Chou Yau Chuen which sounds very classical to me.


Ritual Axe

  • Dated: late 19th century
  • Culture: Tibetan
  • Medium: iron, gold, silver, black lacquer
  • Measurements: overall lenght 64.1 cm

The crescent-shaped axe head is decorated with bats amidst cloud scrolls framed by a geometric border and issuing from the jaws of a makara dragon. The shaft is decorated in silver, gilt and black lacquer with the bajixiang (the eight Buddhist emblems) reserved on a sectional wan ground between the faceted base and bats alternating with shou character roundels.

Source: Copyright 2014 © Bonhams

(via corpus-ren)