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Paintings of Chinese Apsaras in Western style.

The outfits are Indian-influenced.

Haixi International Oil Painting Center

  • Website:
  • Telephone: +86 592 3500 500
  • Address: No.88, Xinglong Rd, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian, China
  • email:

Arghhh, more awful paintings. With regards to the outfits, apsaras are Buddhist fairies. From South Asia where Buddhism comes from.

I thought they are angels~

It’s a Sanskrit term, apsaras appear in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology. There’s no exact translation in English. After all, angels and fairies are really Western concepts.

Damn Got the concept from Chinese Culture textbook when I am doing Alevel= = One chapter said Chinese concepts are more symbolic than showing real stuff. Like the ribbons on THE ANGELS in Dun Wong vs Westerners using real wings on Angels.

I hate this- - They should do more research before publishing books.

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    Damn Got the concept from Chinese Culture textbook when I am doing Alevel= = One chapter said Chinese concepts are more...
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